Before becoming the leader in the world-class abalone preparation, Yang Kun Yat (or as known in the name of “Ah yat”) took 12 years in hard work until Ah yat was promoted to be the manager. In the early 80th century, the abalone in “Ah yat recipe” was invented. The restaurant began to be established and operated as the convention hall in the name of Ah yat Abalone Convention hall until now.
In the world of art of cooking, Ah yat could be considered as an excellent person. He created pride for Chinese and from all over the world. From the countless awards, one of the most rewarding awards being the pride of him was the gold medal from C.C.C at Club Des Chefs Des Chef. Our banquet experience is considered to be excellent with quality, excellent food taste, and excellent services to impress many customers. Please be invited to be part of our impression and you will certainly not be disappointed.

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