With over 30 years of experiences and reputation in the field of Chinese food lovers, we are proud of and continue to develop and deliver deliciousness and happiness to our customers. We can hold the event at home. For the customers who want to prepare the quality Chinese dishes at the reception of the important guests, Ah Yat Abalone provides the outside catering service to serve you including premium Chinese tables, buffet and cocktails in a unique style.

Wedding Organizer & Light and Sound System

Nowadays, there are many bad rumors about low-cost wedding organizers that caused couples headache, results they can not deliver what they have promised to the couple. Is it better if the venue can guarantee you that there will be such errors. We offer another good service which can serve you at your place. We can decorate your wedding exactly as you imagine. Combined with various additional functions, your event can be upgraded as one of the most important days in your own style. With quality design-decoration team whether the structure, flower arrangement, wedding, Light & Sound System (Light and Sound system service), we can arrange for you fully at reasonable price.

Event Organizer & Equipment Rental

Apart from the wedding, Ah Yat Abalone also offers various events such as seminars, product launches, etc., including stage equipment rentals, round tables, seminar tables, chairs and other related items completely with the events. We can arrange everything according to your needs.

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