Is the banquet room you want have these 5 things completely or not?

ห้องจัดเลี้ยงที่คุณต้องการ มีของ 5 สิ่งนี้ครบแล้วหรือยัง

Is the banquet room you want have these 5 things completely or not?

Wedding arrangements must have good consultant, for example, a banquet room service provider. You may need to find the consultant or you can use the services from the fully- equipped banquet room to lighten the important burden and help preparing for the unexpected things. From the experiences of the banquet room service provider, we are well- prepared and knowledgeable in this matter.

5 things that should not be forgotten and must have for the banquet room are:

1. Photograph or flower façade

The point for taking photos or façade for the newlyweds and friends is very important because this will be an opportunity to reunite and take photographs with friends in the most beautiful and the most impressive way as the good memories forever. At least 1 façade is needed to be arranged.

2. Beverage zone

Drink or beverage zone is not less important as well. Beverage services must be varied because the wedding will have both adult guests who drink alcohol and children who drink only soft
drink. Therefore, the beverage must be prepared and clearly separated in order to prevent children to pick the wrong one.

3. Food zone

Food is also important because the food available in the event apart from being the auspicious food, it must be easy to eat and must not be risky for contamination. Occasionally, the banquet room has a set of noodles for auspiciousness arranged in the easy-to-eat style. This can create the good impression for the guests.

4. Host

The host is very important because the host is the core to make the wedding colorful. This should be prepared to create laughter and smiles for the guests as well. More importantly, the host must be able to solve problems for the couple in the event in case of necessity such as going on the stage in delay.

5. Sound system

The sound system is very important. The sound system does not have to focus on the loudness as in the temple fair. In general, the banquet rooms must have the sound that is heard thoroughly and must be heard clearly enough.

For choosing the banquet room, it is important to follow the simple principle. And it can be said that choosing the good banquet room is needed for finding one that used to be organized with the wedding before.





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