In choosing the wedding banquet room, there must be the 3 selection principles as follows

In choosing the wedding banquet room, there must be the 3 selection principles as follows

In choosing the wedding banquet room, there must be the 3 selection principles as follows:
In choosing a banquet room for a party, it is important to choose a banquet or elegant banquet room with cheap price. The more spacious the room and the higher the ceiling is, the better the room will be. In choosing the banquet room for the wedding, the most important thing for choosing a wedding banquet room is to be chosen by both parties for the comfort and suitability of the event.

1. The size of the room

The closed banquet room such as the hotel room must be arranged only in the hall. The room must be fairly large. Choosing the room that is insufficient for the guests is not good because the guests may have friends or followers and the prepared banquet room may be small making the guests feel uncomfortable.



2.  Place of reception before entering the event

Most banquet rooms have a reception area before entering the event. It is necessary such as having to wait for friends to attend the event in order to get the same sitting table including the smoking areas for the guests who smoke.



3. Parking place or travel

For the place of the banquet or various banquet rooms, the users of the services or the newlyweds who want to use the services must also look at the parking place as well. For example, if the banquet we see is in the city area, we may have to look for the reserve parking lots whether there is enough or not. Or you may inform those who want to travel in advance that there is limited parking place. The guests should travel by other means such as train. As sometimes guests attending the event may think that there is the parking arrangement, they do not allow the time to find a parking lot resulting in the delay.

Apart from the 3 main points that must be considered, we have to look at the subject of light and sound as well. Even before the start of the event, there must be the preparation in presenting the
slides or connecting to the computer to create surprises. There should be the test before starting. Sometimes, if there is an obstruction, the quick fixing is needed. The wedding ceremony or the auspicious ceremonies cannot be returned. Every practice is considered very important especially the selection of the banquet room. It is needed to choose the room that you think is the best.



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