In choosing the wedding place, which color tone should be chosen?

In choosing the wedding place, which color tone should be chosen?

In choosing the wedding place, which color tone should be chosen?
Preparing the theme or the color of the wedding is the most important thing. We have several months to prepare for the wedding. Preparing beautiful dresses or colors is the core of the events and is quite necessary.
But if you don’t know which wedding arrangement will be the most important color scheme, look at the atmosphere in the banquet room first. Can the decoration in the banquet room be able to arrange in colorful way as we want? Or can it be decorated to have the part that we want? Then, come to see the rest. Most banquet facilities are able to adjust curtains or decorate in different parts to have the color that we want most in the selected 5 colors.

1. Gold

The arrangement of the banquet room in the shining gold color can match various colors very
well. You can set the color to match the atmosphere such as cream, gold or other colors that can
be arranged together because the gold color can be most easily arranged with other colors.


2. Silver

The banquet or banquet room in general is likely to be arranged in silver because the silver
arrangement is considered auspice. However, most of them are popular in gold color. Light and
Sound can be as you like. This is as the married couple like. The place can be arranged.



Red is considered the most popular color. Almost 30% of Thai people are Chinese and
red also means auspicious life. The arrangement of the banquet room is popular with the colors
of red and gold because contrasting the color and light will make it very beautiful. If you are a
Chinese person, the event must be arranged to please the seniors as well.



Pink is the favorite color of several couples who want their event to be sweet and fresh.
If you like the sweet color such as pink, you have to request for the banquet room to be decorated
in pink color. For the banquet room, it is easy to be arranged. Decorating with pink flowers and
table cloths, the event can become cute.



Cream is the color which is not less popular than other colors. With the simple and
clean color tone as basic & simple, most wedding gowns are in white cream or yellow cream. The banquet room can be easily arranged.

Arranging the color theme is what the wedding couple should consult with each other. Sometimes they have to consult with the seniors for the auspice as well.

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